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These CD's are specifically geared toward you and what you would like to work on to become a better you. These CD's are $100 each and are very effective. Includes 30 minute telephone session.  Perfect for people who cannot travel, live out of state,  or cannot come in face-to-face.

 CD's pre-recorded are $15 each (topics below) 
  • Weight Management
  • Smoke Cessation
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Public Speaking
  • Attracting Wealth and Abundance

Tired of Always watching your weight and getting nowhere?  Would you like a safe, quick and effective way to keep your weight off?  Being overweight is more than cosmetic. it is associated with a number of diseases that harm your health. Being overweight increases the risk of: Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attacks, stroke, chronic liver disease, congestive heart failure, cancer, gallstones, gout, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, early aging and more.  After listening to this recording, you'll be well on your way to regaining your health, the body you desire and you will look and feel great, eat and drink sensibly, reduce your weight and keep it off.

Stress and tension can be damaging to our lives causing ill health, strokes, depression, panic attacks and much more.  You can learn how to deal with the stresses of life.  Learning how to relax in stressful and anxious moments is important for your health.  Some stress is good for us, but too much of it is damaging to our health. This Stress Management CD will help you relax and effectively deal with stressful, anxious moments and the pressures of life.
Start enjoying your life in a stress free way.

Are you struggling to quit smoking?  Not sure how to cope with the intense withdrawal symptoms?  Smoking is both a habit and an addiction. And once you get used to not putting something in your mouth, there's still the nicotine and tar to deal with. It gets in your bloodstream and stimulates the brain, giving you an artificial high that's hard to do without.  No one has to tell you about the health risks of smoking. You know that quitting now is the single best thing you can do for your lungs, for your heart?for your life.  Sit back, relax as the recording works with you to free you from your smoking habit and helps you stop smoking without gaining weight, overcome your craving for nicotine and resist temptation.  Don't let your life literally go up in smoke!


Do you wonder why some people are just LUCKY?  They are always at the right place at the right time,  It seems quality people and quality things just come in to their life and not yours?  This CD will help you get the mindset you need to attract what you want in your life whether its better opportunities, more money or healthier relationships. Begin TODAY to change your mindset and rid yourself of limiting negative beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your full potential and having what you want in life.  

Are you nervous and anxious when asked to talk to a group?
Wish you could speak confidently in public?  Do you lack confidence,  do your palms sweat or your throat dries up, do you forget what you need to say?  Our Become and Effective and Powerful Public Speaker hypnosis session may help give you the confidence you need to express yourself. You'll notice the difference quickly, as your mind and body relax and you realize you can perform well. Eliminate nervousness , stay calm and collected, speak with confidence, captivate your audience and feel in control.
- Relaxation and Stress Reduction
- Healing Heartbreak
- Attracting Love and Prosperity
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"Whatever The Mind of Man Can Conceive and Believe It Can Achieve" Napolean Hill

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